Episode 7 – Dr. Bill Cook

On an October morning, Adam  travelled to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital. Fortunately, this visit to the Fredericton Hospital was not related to ill health- in fact, quite the opposite. The nature of this visit was to interview MindBody Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Bill Cook. MindBody Medicine offers a natural practice to relieve one’s self of stress and to improve overall quality of life- even in the presence of medical conditions. MindBody Medicine could serve as a helpful tool to most of us; as members of a fast paced society may find it hard not to feel stressed at times. This environment is referred to as a ‘multitasking society’ by Dr. Cook, which causes us to under focus on tasks at hand.

Dr. Cook explains that although we are cautioned to pay attention throughout our lives we are not actually taught how to do so. Dr. Cook speaks about paying attention on purpose, and the awareness and attitudes which encompass mindfulness. Understanding mindfulness as an attitude of openness; as an appreciation of day to day moments and acceptance of what happens on a day to day basis. Dr. Cook poses an excellent question of how we might live well today and also in our golden years (even when ‘unpleasnt’ experiences arise).

Shifting the way one responds to life stressors can have meaningful, long term effects. MindBody Medicine is connected to that positive shift in understanding how to best respond to life stressors. As the Iris Center website explains, “MindBody Medicine (MBM) is hardly new, this is just the current term for a branch of medicine that is ancient in its nature and current in its science. It represents a return to and recognition of the truth and wisdom of virtually all ancient wisdom philosophies and medicine that treated body and mind non-dualistically, that is, as an integral whole.”

Listen to the podcast episode with Dr. Bill Cook to learn more about MindBody Medicine.

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