Episode 5 – Madeleine Gaudet, Stepping Stone Senior Centre

Madeline Gaudet met with Adam and three Bachelor of Social Work Students from St. Thomas University to talk about the Stepping Stone Senior Centre, located at 15 Saunders Street in Fredericton.

Madeleine Gaudet

The morning of our interview with Madeline was a delightfully crisp autumn day filled with sunshine.  Upon entering the Stepping Stone Senior Centre, it was clear that the warmth of the sun also cascaded throughout the Centre. We were  graciously greeted as soon as we walked through the door, and invited to sign the guest  book which we later learned,  is filled with over 20,000 signatures per year.  It was  evident that this building is always filled with activities and hustle and bustle.  Each room has a  multi-purpose, from cooking to singing, to bridge lessons, silent auctions, theatre, and computer  courses to name a few. Upon walking through the halls of the centre, which was festively decorated for fall, and adorned with artwork donated by caring members and staff, it was easy to see that the centre is continuously running programs and activities for its 600 members. When introduced to Madeline Gaudet, president of the facility, there was no doubt that her passion and love for her work carries throughout the Stepping Stone  Senior Centre.  She speaks of the members with respect and admiration.  Madeline  talks about  how all programming goes through a program committee who feel strongly in the importance of sharing wisdom, and is often funded through internal charities. Madeline discusses the importance of centres such as this one, in helping citizens actively retire, keeping healthy in body and mind, while staying connected to the community.

Listen to the Podcast with Madeline to learn more about the Stepping Stone Senior Centre and the wonderful contributions it makes toward the city of Fredericton as  an age friendly community.

Stepping Stone Senior Centre


References made by Madeleine:



Golden Age Clubs

Barryville, Neguac, NB E0C 1S0 (506-776-1908)


140 Renfrew St, Dalhousie, NB (506-684-5116)


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Learn more about this subject at: http://www.healthycal.org/archives/8700

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