Episode 3 – Ken McGeorge (Part I)

Ken McGeorge walked the approximate 100 meters from his office at York Care Centre, to the Atlantic Institute of Aging office. Despite Ken’s incredibly busy schedule, he talked with us for over an hour, which is the longest podcast interview thus far. After he left, everyone agreed that they could have continued talking with him for another three hours. He offers both a pragmatic and compassionate view, which is refreshing. His job involves obtaining investments for York, in order to provide excellent care, such as having a dentistry building within the centre. In order to obtain these investments, he “sells” a vision to those with assets, teaching them about the Centre and making them believe in what it tries to do.

Not only is Ken able to identify the current issues in the health and care settings; he also offers alternatives and suggestions to how things could improve. He stated that more communication among government, the hospital, and long term care providers is needed. He also believes that older adults requiring ALC who are in hospitals, need to be cared for by long term care professionals, not those that are trained for acute care patients. Ken stated that change is needed, and although change implementation is not painless, it does not have to be painful.

Listen to the podcast with Ken to learn more about the health care system, policies and the importance of the continuum of care!


Host: Adam Thornton

Producers: Emily Hudson and Serena Smith

Music: Adrian Pearson

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