About Us

The Atlantic Institute on Aging was created in the fall of 2009. The leadership is in place with the Board being chaired by Paul Theriault. The Executive Director is Ms Barbara Burnett, the previous Director of Nursing Home Services.

The Institute promotes policy and research that is outcomes-driven and community-generated and supported.  The Institute believes that, whenever possible, both research and policy development ought to adopt a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrative approach.


Our Vision: Building a New Paradigm
…aging is not “lost youth” but a new stage of
opportunity and strength…
-Betty Friedan

As a society and as individuals, we respond to the phenomenon of aging according to how we understand and perceive it.  If we understand aging as a something negative then we will respond to it with fear, frustration, and avoidance.  If we perceive aging as a burden then the aging population will be neglected and forgotten.  As its long term vision, the Atlantic Institute on Aging aims to build a new paradigm for eldercare and introduce a new philosophy of aging as a time for sharing wisdom.

A New Philosophy of Aging: Sharing Wisdom
…there is one quality that improves with age.
That quality happens to be a wonderful virtue.
It is wisdom…
-Dr. Val Farmer

Sharing wisdom is a big concept but it can be expressed through even the smallest actions and is built on four core values; inclusion, appreciation, respect, and self esteem.  These values are forward looking and they describe a future where the aging population is treated and understood as a national treasure that makes valuable contributions to society.  The Institute aims to enthuse New Brunswickers, and Canadians as a whole, about the aging population as ‘keepers of wisdom’ and provide leadership in helping this vision become a reality.

Realizing the Vision: Five Areas of Aging

The Institute names five main areas through which it can communicate its innovate new philosophy of aging and promote the four core values of sharing wisdom.  Each area recognizes the long term vision of the Institute, promotes inclusion, respect, appreciation, and self esteem, and highlights ways in which the vision can be achieved.  These five areas are:

Wellbeing… a holistic understanding and approach
… life long learning and intergenerational interaction
Financial Recognition
…reconceptualizing pension and old age security
Employer Support
… the workforce and their role in supporting aging kin
Long Term Care
…ensuring a high quality of life for long term care clients

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